Extend coverage and increase revenues for high capacity applications- including business access, small cell backhaul, and value-added M2M communications- with Redline’s Virtual Fiber™ technology.


Broadband Wireless for Telecom Service Providers

Telecom service providers worldwide depend on Redline’s innovative broadband wireless systems to bring total coverage to their fiber platform. Redline’s next generation broadband wireless technology, Virtual Fiber™, delivers the performance, capacity and five-9s reliability needed to extend broadband connectivity to all users no matter where they are located.

Redline enables telecom service providers to:

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Delivering Broadband Services

A major broadband service provider is providing premium business access services such as cloud computing, TDM and bandwidth-on-demand from 8 Mbps to 50 Mbps with 99.99% availability using Redline’s Virtual Fiber™ technology.


A telecom service provider is delivering broadband internet services to more than 40,000 subscribers, using Redline’s Virtual Fiber™ technology.


Extend Fiber Coverage

Extend broadband coverage or fill in coverage gaps to deliver broadband to all users no matter where they are located.

Increase Revenues

Deliver broadband services to more customers in the toughest rural and urban environments.


Offload expensive 3G and 4G / LTE network spectrum and deliver high-value residential and premium business access services such as internet access, VoIP and DIA while meeting service level agreement requirements.

Redline’s industry-leading broadband wireless systems are software configurable to enable flexible service offerings and ease deployment of future applications without costly hardware changes.


Wireless Applications for Telecom Service Providers


Backhaul Services | Backhaul


Machine to machine applications Backhaul

Extend point-to-point and 4G / LTE backhaul solutions to areas where fiber installation is prohibitive. Deliver fiber-like performance wirelessly over the most difficult terrain and in the harshest environments with Redline’s industry leading capacity, bandwidth and range.

Business Services | Business Access


Deliver premium business access services such as DIA and SIP trunking with the highest performance to more customers.

Internet Access | Business Access


Augment xDSL and FTTH services using Redline Virtual Fiber™ technology to connect more subscribers – up to 3000 – with fewer base station sites than any other wireless vendor.

Value-added Services | Video Surveillance


Increase revenue by offering wireless value-added services such as video surveillance and Smart Grid connectivity using Redline’s broadband wireless communications for M2M applications.


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