Redline training and certification courses will teach Redline customers and partners how to design, deploy and optimize their broadband wireless networks using Redline’s specialized systems. These courses achieve an optimum balance between theory and hands-on lab exercises for each of the products.

The courses cover the following key topics:

Read below for an overview of the primary objectives and main topics covered in each course. If you’d like more information on specific course details, email or contact a Redline representative or partner in your region.


Redline Certified Entry Level Associate (RCEL): Entry Level CertificationObjective:

On completing this course, the trainees will understand:



RCEL Course:

Trainees will attend a 1-day session.


Trainees are required to write and pass an entry level examination within one week of completing the course to obtain their RCEL certification.

The RCEL program consists of the following:

Redline Certified Support Associate (RCSA): Level-1 CertificationObjective:

This training program has been designed as a deployment workshop. The objective of this program is to enable trainees to:

Pre-Requisite: The pre-requisite for this program is a working knowledge of RF propagation, antenna parameters, RF transmitter and receiver performance measures, basic parameters of digital modulations schemes (PSK and QAM) and an understanding of the TCP/IP network model with a focus on layer-2 and layer-3 devices.

RCSA Course:

Result: Candidates will write an examination within two (2) weeks of completing the RCSA course. Candidates who pass the exam based on the requirements and related criteria will receive the RCSA certification. Those who do not pass the RCSA examination will receive a certificate of attendance.

The RCSA program is comprised of the following components:

A customer who has successfully completed an RCSA program can proceed to the Redline Certified Support Professional (RCSP) level for the respective product without the requirement to attend further in-class training. However, RCSA certification is not a pre-requisite for the RCSP certification.

Redline Certified Support Professional (RCSP): Level-2 Certification Program

The RCSP program is a higher level of certification that focuses on enabling trainees to acquire a Subject Matter Expert (SME) level knowledge of the Redline solutions along with the ClearView NMS. The RCSP training also covers the underlying technologies, applicable standards and performance parameters of the Redline solutions.

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The primary objective of the RCSP program is to enable attendees to:

The pre-requisite for this program is a comprehensive understanding of the following key networking and wireless areas:

RCSP Course:

Within 2-3 weeks of completing the RCSP course, candidates are required to write the RCSP examination. Those candidates that pass the exam will receive the RCSP certification. The RCSP program is comprised of the following components

A candidate who has successfully completed the RCSP certification program can proceed to the Redline Certified Support Expert (RCSE) level for the respective product. Please contact for further information on upgrading your certification to the RCSE level once you have completed the RCSP certification.

Redline Certified Support Expert (RCSE): Level-3 CertificationOverview:
The RCSE program is a specialized level of certification which focuses on enabling trainees to acquire a design level engineering knowledge of Redline’s broadband solutions. This knowledge will include the underlying technologies, network integration and design, capacity, RF planning as well as advanced network and device troubleshooting for each product. This course combines an extensive theory as well as hands-on lab exercises.

Typical Attendee:
RCSE certification is available by invitation-only to partners and customers. Please contact for more details about this advanced level training program.

The primary objective of the RCSE program is to enable trainees to:

The pre-requisite for the RCSE certification program consists of the following areas.

RCSE Course:

On completing the RCSE course, candidates will write the RCSE examination. Those scoring at least 85% in the exam will receive the RCSE certification. This certification will be valid for a period of one (1) year from the issue date.

The RCSE certification program includes the following courses:

Technology Courses (RTFC Series): Non-Certification
A number of technology courses are offered at different levels of candidate learning requirements – from very basic to the full standard specification levels. These courses cover primarily the MAC/PHY/RF aspects of the Redline technology..


Attendees will be provided an understanding of the following:


The Course: