Redline understands that creating a profitable wireless network infrastructure requires world-class equipment and the expert technical resources to enable and optimize system operation. Redline’s Professional Services are especially designed to assist customers with identify and addressing the complex tasks of building, deploying and operating wireless networking projects.

The build-out of new wireless network segments can be an extremely challenging and potentially expensive undertaking. A number of wireless deployment tasks require technical expertise and experience with RF systems that are not standard components of the customer’s resource pool.


Deployment Engineer Benefits

The highly trained and technically competent Redline Deployment Engineer provides customers and partners with the benefits of extensive practical experience installing and commissioning wireless infrastructure projects ranging from extremely challenging wireless backhaul links to large complex point-to-multipoint networks. The services of a well-trained Deployment Engineer utilize efficiencies gained through many successful installations to maximize the capabilities of Redline’s wireless products. This can eliminate many expenses and delays caused by less experienced system installers.

The Deployment Engineer service can be contracted to perform essential tasks ranging from assisting with site acquisition or site surveys to supervising civil works, overseeing installation of Redline wireless equipment, or performing acceptance tests. Follow-up activities include training, maintenance, and field tests for network optimization. Rely on Redline’s knowledge and understanding of wireless infrastructure solutions to assist in minimizing the capital costs and future operating expenses associated with deploying and operating large wireless networks.

Deployment Engineer Services

The Redline Deployment Engineer is qualified to enact a senior role within the customer or partner deployment team and provide the single-point-of-contact for all inquiries to Redline support and engineering services. In all roles, the Deployment Engineer provides best-in-class installation, commissioning, and system acceptance experience for every customer using Redline solutions.

Key duties include maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the technologies used, providing timely solutions for field challenges, supervising system testing, and identifying and assisting with the many tasks necessary to deploy a fully operational network in a timely manner. Redline’s Deployment Engineer is qualified to deliver a suite of professional services that can be packaged to meet the individual needs of each deployment. The following eleven services are available:

Service Descriptions

1. Site Acquisition

A prerequisite for site acquisition is to produce an accurate geographical map that includes details and coordinates of all potential site locations for the planned deployment. If the required map does not exist, the Deployment Engineer can use a GPS unit to capture and record the exact latitude and longitude co-ordinates of each site and use these to prepare the required document set. The following information will also be captured as part of the site acquisition process:

This data is necessary for path profile prediction when performing the link budget calculations to evaluate the feasibility of each proposed site. The latitude and longitude data may also be require if the spectrum requires the customer to apply for an operating license.

2. Site Survey

The site survey is a critical step in the successful deployment of any broadband wireless network. Redline’s Deployment Engineer and/or customer installation team must perform a physical inspection of each preferred site to collect data for analysis. A comprehensive site survey provides the information necessary to evaluate each preferred location and optimize the required number or base stations.

For each candidate site, the Deployment Engineer coordinates the creation of the action plan and completion dates for site survey activities. The following activities are performed at each preferred site:

3. Supervise Civil Work

Redline’s Deployment Engineer can supervise site construction activities related to the wireless system and coordinate with all parties to determine the best materials and methods. This service is important to ensure the site is constructed according to the plan, and any unplanned modifications do not interfere with the RF characteristics.

The following activities are included for supervising civil works.

4. Supervise Equipment Installation and Commissioning

The Deployment Engineer ensures that Redline wireless equipment is installed using the recommended best practices. These procedures include verification that the wireless network configuration is correct and meets the specified requirements. The Deployment Engineer will guide and assist technical staff as required during the network commissioning phase:

5. Inventory Documentation

Accurate and updated tracking of inventory during each project phase is essential to a successful network deployment. The Deployment Engineer and the installation team must maintain a record of all equipment and accessories, and the related installation and commissioning dates.

The Deployment Engineer is responsible for retaining all updated documents and submitting this documentation to the customer at the end of the installation process. The information contained in these reports provides the customer with full visibility and quick reference of any given time. The following information is included in the inventory reports:

6. Installation Acceptance Tests

Redline’s Deployment Engineer provides the installation acceptance test plan (as required) for each deployment site. When the building phase is completed, the Deployment Engineer performs the installation acceptance test in the presence of the customer to obtain a final sign off, and delivers the finalized documentation to the customer.

7. Spectrum Analysis

In all wireless networks, RF spectrum monitoring and data collection is an important activity that must be performed during several phases of a project. Interference due to environmental issues or poor frequency reuse planning can have a significant negative effect on the performance of the wireless network. During the site survey and implementation phase, the Deployment Engineer can perform a complete spectrum analysis to detect and locate the source of any interfering signals.

It is recommended to perform a spectrum analysis during the site survey and to repeat the analysis during the early deployment period. The extensive experience of Redline’s Deployment Engineer, and use of the proper equipment, is essential to capturing the necessary spectrum data. The spectrum analysis data report is then forwarded to the customer or to Redline’s cell planning department, and used thereafter to update the RF network plan.

8. Network Optimization

All wireless networks require regular analysis and adjustments to maintain optimal performance. As base station sites are added and subscribers are deployed at new locations, it is essential to update the RF planning model. Also, when planning the introduction of new services, it is mandatory to ensure the network is optimized for capacity and coverage.

The Deployment Engineer is assigned prime responsibility for the field network optimization tasks and ensures that the changes are deployed successfully according to the agreed RF plan. The following network assessment activities are performed as required:

9. On-site Preventive Maintenance Audit

Industry best practices for maintenance of wireless equipment suggest visual inspections and related activities be performed twice annually. The Deployment Engineer will assist the maintenance technicians to perform visual inspections of all indoor and outdoor equipment including antennas, mounting brackets, cables, etc. If corrective measures and/or equipment replacement is required, the Deployment Engineer can provide an optimized action plan, and can organize and supervise the work to ensure minimum interruption to network services.

10. Training

Redline provides one of the most recognized and respected training programs in the wireless industry. The Deployment Engineer can plan, organize, and conduct training sessions at the customer’s worksite. These important training sessions increase workforce productivity by transferring essential knowledge about Redline products and technology.

Training assists the customer to reduce overall operational costs associated with deploying new technology in a wireless network. Redline provides industry-leading, on-the-job training services for its customers. Redline’s corporate training department can review operational requirements and customize course content to best address each customer’s specific training needs.

11. On-site Technical Support

The goal of the Deployment Engineer is to provide solutions to an issue in a timely manner. If an issue can not be resolved remotely, an on-site visit will be scheduled to perform a physical inspection of the installation.

In preparation for any on-site visit, the Deployment Engineer will request that the customer technical team obtain the required tools and spare equipment, and arrange any transportation to reach the site(s). This advance preparation is intended to avoid delays that may occur if multiple visits are required due to the unavailability of tools, equipment, transportation, etc.

The following actions are included

Flexible to Customer Requirements

Redline Professional Services help customers and Certified Partners reduce their operational costs and realize higher returns on investment from Redline wireless network solutions. Redline takes pride in demonstrating its flexibility to recognize and address the unique business needs of each customer and the corresponding complexities in their wireless infrastructure.

Redline provides its global customers and Certified Partners with the option to select and customize services provided by the Professional Services department. This ensures that the desired level of engagement is maintained throughout all network planning activities. All requests for a Deployment Engineer and related services are thoroughly reviewed and a detailed statement of work is agreed upon between the parties as part of a professional services contract.

For additional information or to obtain a detailed quotation for cell planning services, please contact a Redline Territory Manager and/or Redline Certified Partner.


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