Resident Engineer Services

Creating profitable wireless network infrastructure requires world-class equipment and expert technical resources. Redline’s Professional Services are especially designed to assist customers with identifying and addressing the complex tasks of building, deploying and optimizing wireless networks.


Resident Engineer Benefits

Redline’s Resident Engineer (RE) and Remote Resident Engineer (RRE) services provide customers and partners with the benefits of highly trained and technically competent personnel with extensive practical experience in troubleshooting, network analysis, and maintenance procedures for wireless networks. These services utilize efficiencies gained through many successful wireless projects to maximize the superior capabilities and performance of Redline’s wireless products. Access to this wireless expertise can avoid technical glitches that result in unplanned expenses and delays.

Redline RE’s are highly-skilled, trained and certified professionals, with valuable technical knowledge to help identify and resolve issues arising in the complex domain of RF networks. The RE can perform essential tasks including network troubleshooting, supervising upgrades, performing acceptance tests, training personnel, creating maintenance schedules, and field tests for network optimization. Rely on Redline’s knowledge and understanding of wireless infrastructure solutions to assist in minimizing the operating expenses associated with wireless networks.

Resident Engineer Services

When subscribing to the Redline Resident Engineer (RE) service, a technical resource person is located full-time at the customer’s premises during standard office hours and is on-call for support during out of office hours, including weekends and holidays. This dedicated RE is solution driven, has the full responsibility for Level 2 technical support issues, and maintains the customer’s Redline wireless network components operating at the optimum level of performance. The RE acts as liaison for all technical issues and interacts directly with Redline’s Level 2/3 support and factory engineers as required. The RE is also available for technical consultations on a variety of topics and to provide suggestions and action plans concerning network audits, new feature analysis, and product training. Refer to the Resident Engineering Services Matrix for a list of all available RE and RRE services.

Remote Resident Engineer Services

A Redline technical resource that is located at a remote location, either with-in the region or the country, acts as a support liaison between Redline’s Level 3 support and Engineering team and the customer. The RRE provides troubleshooting guidelines, product software and hardware support, various communications, and data collection for reporting. Another key role of the RRE is to support upgrade and backups for the network, which are performed from a remote office location, during the customer’s standard office hours.

The following services are included with the RRE program:



Resident Engineer and Remote Resident Engineer Services Matrix

Redline’s Professional Services department provides the Resident Engineer (RE) and Remote Resident Engineer (RRE) services as packaged offerings plus additional optional services. These offerings are designed to provide the best level of support based on Redline’s extensive experience with wireless infrastructure projects.


Responsibilities Resident Engineer Remote Resident Engineer
Network Upgrade Check Check
Troubleshooting and Fault Management. Check  Check
Critical Incident Reporting Check  Check
Monthly Support and Activities Report  Check Check
Redline Network Management System (NMS) Support  Check Check
New Product/Features  Check Check
Procedures and Documentation  Check Check
Training  Check Check
Return Material Authorization (RMA) Lab Testing  Check  *
Performance Acceptance Testing.  Check  *
Team Building  Check  *
Quarterly Performance Wireless Network Audit Report   *  *
Network RF Evaluation  *  n/a
Preventive Maintenance Activities  Check  n/a
Hardware and Software Configuration  Check  n/a
Backup and Restore  Check  n/a

Check Services included in a standard RE or RRE contract.

*        Optional services purchased separately.

n/a    Not available.




Service Descriptions

1. Network upgrade

Redline regularly adds new features, performance improvements, and usability enhancements to its wireless networking products. To realize the benefits of these updates, new software must be rolled-out periodically in the network.

Redline understands that the process of upgrading production wireless networks requires careful planning and testing. Redline’s RE services will design a complete custom upgrade plan based on the current network topology and services and will then submit this plan for review and approval. The plan will include all details necessary to minimize the service window, ensure recovery and rollback procedures are prepared and tested, and provide a methodology to validate system operation running the new software. The RE is always on-site to supervise the system upgrade. The RE can demonstrate new product features, the proposed upgrade procedures, and demonstrate network stability in the customer’s lab prior to deployment in the network.

Note: Customers must have an active RedCare service plan to receive software updates.

2. Troubleshooting and Fault Management

Networks require continuous in-depth analysis and troubleshooting of various issues with high complexity. Redline experts are exceptionally trained in troubleshooting complex issues in the product, as well as the wireless network in general. REs are required to resolve these issues according to the service level agreement with the customer.

As solution-driven team members, the REs will ensure that any issues are resolved and that equipment is fully functional in a timely manner. The Engineers are fully equipped with the appropriate tools and procedures that will help them to proactively and quickly troubleshoot and identify network and product issues. During the troubleshooting phase, the Engineer may directly interact with Redline’s corporate support team to fully understand and analyze the problem.

3. Critical incident reporting

The RE submits incident reports for all critical wireless networking problems. These reports provide a detailed analysis from the initial report to the final resolution. This information can assist network operators to fully understand the nature of each wireless networking issue, provide guidance to the technical team, and inform management and other related groups of activities affecting the network. The report also serves as an audit record for each site and to assist troubleshooting future issues. Redline critical incident reports can be customized to meet each customer’s specific reporting requirements.

4. Monthly Support and Activities Report

At the end of each month, the RE submits a detailed service report. This report contains a complete list of reported issues, the current status of all open trouble tickets, completed tasks, and tasks planned for the next month. Redline monthly reports can be customized to meet each customer’s specific reporting requirements.

5. Redline’s Network Management System (NMS) support

Redline’s SNMP-based network management system (NMS) provides operators with valuable insight into the daily performance and operation of the wireless network need to reduce network down-time. The NMS includes tools to troubleshoot and solve network problems quickly and efficiently. Every Redline RE is trained and certified to deploy, commission, and customize Redline’s NMS systems.

6. New Products and Features

A key requirement for business growth is the ability to offer additional network services. The Redline RE is available to provide on-site demonstrations of Redline’s latest technology and new features being introduced for existing products. This service allows Redline’s customers to take full advantage of the RE’s technical abilities to propose new solutions, discuss complex technical issues, and plan the best method for implementing Redline’s newest competitive-edge wireless technology. Equipped with working knowledge of the customer’s wireless network, the RE is prepared to be an active participant in technical meetings and conferences reviewing the best methods to roll-out new features in the network.

7. Procedures and Documentation

Operators can achieve more stable and reliable operation of their wireless network by implementing proven and effective support methods. A Redline RE uses the experience of many years of maintaining and upgrading production wireless networks to assist customers in creating and implementing a support methodology that ensures optimum performance and the fewest maintenance windows. Well documented processes and procedures are essential to maintaining network health and minimizing system down-time. Deliverables of this service can include support flowcharts, performance management report documentation, maintenance manuals, method of procedures (MOPs) on-site checklists, and the required level of training.

8. Training

Training reduces overall operational costs associated with deploying and maintaining a wireless network. Redline provides one of the most recognized and respected training programs in the wireless industry. The RE can plan, organize, and conduct training sessions at the customer’s worksite to provide ‘on the job training’ experience that is the key to success for many customers. These important training sessions increase workforce productivity by transferring essential knowledge about Redline products and technology to the customer’s Level 1 support team. Redline’s Professional Services training department can review operational requirements and customize course content to best address each customer’s specific training needs for operational staff.

9. Return Material Authorization (RMA) Lab Testing

Returning network equipment for factory repair can temporarily reduce spares inventory, and may invoke extra costs if network problems are incorrectly diagnosed.

If Redline wireless equipment is removed from the network for repair, the RE can function-test the equipment in the customer lab and file a detailed testing report. This process avoids unnecessary charges for NDF (No Defect Found) equipment when a problem has been caused by other typical factors such as improper weatherproofing or cable failure. If Redline equipment must be returned for repair, the RE expedites this process by directly accessing the Redline warranty records to ensure the correct information is available to obtain the RMA required prior to returning material to the factory.

10. Performance Acceptance Testing (PAT)

It is important to demonstrate objectively that newly commissioned or upgraded wireless equipment is correctly installed and performing to the expected specifications. The required testing can be more costly if services are subscribed from a third-party that may not have the experience and expertise to perform the required software performance testing, and issues may go undetected until the equipment is live in the network.

Redline’s RE’s can provide PAT services using a structured approach that rigorously tests the Redline wireless products. Advanced field-proven techniques are used to measure the product hardware and software performance and verify that the results meet or exceed the target specifications for that site. With these procedures in-place, a customer is assured that the product is operating correctly and meeting all performance requirements prior to a formal site acceptance.

11. Team Building

The complexities inherent in building and operating wireless networks require a strong coherent technical team. Redline’s RE can assist customers to build and manage the workforce maintenance and operational resource base essential to successful operation of a wireless network. Redline’s experts can use their team leading abilities to help customers by participating in the interview process, evaluating employee performance and capabilities, on-site training, and other related activities.

12. Quarterly Performance Wireless Network Audit Report

The hardware, software, and parameterization of installed wireless networks change on a regular basis. To maintain optimal performance, it is necessary to perform regular testing and analysis. This analysis is also essential to ensure required capacity and coverage is available when planning the introduction of new services.

The Redline RE has the experience and expertise in wireless networks that is prerequisite to successfully performing the field work and analysis when auditing network operations. The Redline audit report is extremely thorough and systematically covers almost every parameter affecting operation of the wireless network. The RE provides a report to the customer detailing recommendations to improve over-all performance and stability.

13. Network RF Evaluation

RF spectrum monitoring and data collection is an essential diagnostic tool for wireless networks. Interference due to environmental issues or unexpected results from frequency reuse can have a significant negative effect on the performance of the wireless network. Redline’s RE can perform a complete spectrum analysis to detect and locate interfering signals in the customer’s wireless network.

The RE’s extensive training and experience and the use the proper equipment is very important when capturing the necessary spectrum data. The spectrum analysis report is used to update the RF network plan and improve the over-all performance of the network. It is recommended to perform a spectrum analysis during the site survey, again during the system rollout, and periodically throughout the lifetime of the wireless network.

14. Preventive Maintenance Activities

Outdoor wireless networks require regular inspection and monitoring to maintain the highest availability and performance. By implementing proven and effective support methods, customers can depend on stable and reliable operation of their wireless network.

The Redline RE works proactively with the network operator to identify maintenance related issues before they impact network performance.

Redline RE activities include performing physical inspections and analyzing data collected from Redline products to identify issues that may affect network operation. The RE submits an action plan for approval, detailing the recommendations and a schedule that would have the minimum service interruption on the network. The RE is also available to supervise customer teams for all the activities in the maintenance plan to ensure best practices are followed and to assure success for the overall maintenance plan.

15. Hardware and Software Configuration

Device configuration is a key activity when installing new wireless devices or upgrading existing wireless equipment in an operating network. Devices with incorrect parameterization or incompatible software versions may introduce instability or cause intermittent or permanent outages. The Redline RE analyzes the current network configuration to determine the software version and parameter settings that will provide the highest performance and reliability.

16. Backup and Restore

When wireless equipment must be upgraded or replaced, it is necessary to know the software version and configuration of that device. If the device is non responsive, damaged by a direct lightning strike for example, it may not be possible to interrogate the device to determine the current settings. Redline recommends implementing a network-wide process to record and archive the software versions and parameter settings of all deployed wireless equipment.

The Redline RE can perform this important service. Backup information is collected and updated at regular intervals to ensure changes to equipment, software versions, and parameter settings are kept up-to-date. Proper maintenance of this information insures that all Redline replacement equipment can be quickly upgraded and configured as required to restore identical throughput and performance for an affected network segment.

Flexible to Customer Requirements

Redline Professional Services help customers and Certified Partners reduce their operational costs and realize higher returns on investment from Redline wireless network solutions. Redline takes pride in demonstrating its flexibility to recognize and address the unique business needs of each customer and the corresponding complexities in their wireless infrastructure.

Redline provides its global customers and Certified Partners with the option to select and customize services provided by the Professional Services department. This ensures that the desired level of engagement is maintained throughout all network planning activities. All requests for a Resident Engineer and related services are thoroughly reviewed and a detailed statement of work is agreed upon between the parties as part of a professional services contract.

For additional information, or to obtain a detailed quotation for cell planning services, please contact a Redline Territory Manager or Redline Certified Partner.


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