The portable RDL-3000 RAS-Elite provides secure wireless transport directly to temporary field offices, rigs, trucks and other semi-permanent locations. Easily transported and operated by non-technical personnel with no special training, the RAS-Elite automatically obtains and holds a reliable high-speed connection to the fixed Redline wireless network.


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Redline Product Brochure (PDF)

RAS-Elite Datasheet (PDF)

Virtual Fiber™

RAS-Elite at a glance

Portable auto-acquire outdoor software-defined wireless terminal

Extends high speed TCP/IP transport to vehicles, rigs, portable offices and other movable assets

Reliable fast transport of M2M, data, HD video and voice traffic

Auto-acquire with full-time tracking and automatic antenna alignment with built-in GPS

-15 to 55 °C operating range using dynamic and thermal dissipation (no moving parts)

High-grade cyber security features)

– Very low latency supports time-sensitive applications

– Over-the-air monitoring, configuration, upgrades and software keyed speeds and features


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