ClearView NMS

ClearView NMS is a sophisticated and easy-to-use centralized network management solution that provides configuration, monitoring and control of single or multiple Redline networks. This includes AN-80i, RDL-3000 and RDL-2000 broadband wireless platforms, as well as multi-vendor network devices. It offers a rich visualization environment to quickly gauge network health without using complex or expensive monitoring equipment.

The strong network discovery capability quickly locates all devices throughout the network and presents them in an easy-to-read topology map. Clicking on a device on the map reveals its status and performance indicators and allows you to drill down to view detailed device configuration parameters.

A full suite of provisioning, configuration, backup and restore tools are provided in addition to software upgrade tools that let you schedule upgrades any time. Event and fault management notifications are sent when important status changes occur such as receive signal strength exceeding a threshold level or a link going down.

For high availability applications, ClearView NMS is available in hot-standby configurations with co-located or physically separated hardware platforms.

ClearView NMS is more than a traditional network manager. Its powerful visualization tools, its software management tools and its ease of use makes ClearView NMS invaluable in the management of broadband wireless networks

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Redline Product Brochure (PDF)


ClearView NMS Datasheet (PDF)




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