Accelerate intelligence gathering, improve operational effectiveness and enhance security by quickly extending secure high-speed tactical wireless communications right out to the edge.


High Capacity Secure Wireless Transport for Military

Redline tactical wireless systems deliver uncompromising performance in the toughest environments.

You are always up to the challenge with Redline Universal Wireless Transport™ (UWT™) systems. Redline wireless systems are trusted by military organizations globally to deliver reliable secure high-speed access over any terrain and in hostile environments.

Military organizations rely on Redline’s rugged field-proven technology to get connected and stay connected.



Redline rugged multi-band systems deliver reliable wireless performance over the most difficult terrain and in severe environments.


Redline wireless systems are available in a range of light compact formats easily adapted for almost any in-field applications and network topology.



All Redline systems incorporate the proven Virtual Fiber™ core technology for maximum performance, security and dependability.


Certified FIPS 140-2 platform ensures physical integrity plus AES encryption for secure wireless traffic


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Redline Military Trailer (youtube)

Military organizations globally rely on Redline’s wireless technology to save lives and protect nations.

COTS Supplier

Redline is one of the most successful suppliers of COTS equipment to military organizations globally. The combination of performance, reliability and certified platform security permits simple out-of-the-box operation when being deployed to challenging extreme terrestrial and marine environments. The RDL-3000 series of Universal Wireless Transport™ systems are capable of operation from 100 MHz to 6 GHz for quick deployment anywhere around the globe.


Engineered for Military Applications 


Ad Hoc Wireless Networks | Multi-Site Support

Machine to machine applications Backhaul

Quickly link multiple temporary sites with high speed links for voice, video and telemetry over rugged and blocked terrain in any environment.

Nomadic Access | Touchless Connections to Digital Canopy

Machine to machine applications Data Aquisition

Launch a digital canopy and get touchless broadband access on-the-hop with the RAS Nomadic platform.

Secure Communication Backbone | HCLOS+ Network Link

Machine to machine applications Private Network

Create a robust high-capacity long distance backbone in minutes to securely link strategic and forward tactical networks.




The capabilities of Redline RDL-3000 systems extend far beyond the line of sight (LOS) restrictions for conventional radio systems. Advanced processing techniques and error detection/correction methods ensure reliable high performance connectivity when deployed in LOS, optical line of sight (OLOS) and where clutter blocks the visual path and require connections using reflected signals (NLOS).