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February 2014

Overcoming Communications Challenges

Redline Communications is bringing the power of communication to some of the most remote and challenging locations worldwide. The company’s rugged broadband wireless products provide high speed, real-time connectivity for critical machine to machine applications – virtually anywhere on the planet.


January 2014

How technology in the oilfield will change in 2014

Five important networking trends Redline Communications, makers of high-speed wireless networks for industrial applications, sees impacting the oil and gas industry in 2014.



November 2013

Redline Will Provide Wireless Network To Supermajor

Redline Communications Group Inc. announced in a press release that a supermajor oil and gas company has selected its portfolio of Virtual Fiber rugged wireless broadband network systems for its oilfield area networks.



October 2013

Oil Field Technology

Duval Yeager examines the advantages behind the use of wireless network technology for networking offshore production assets



October 2013

Open Lines in the Oil Fields

The oil & gas indusry is increasingly leveraging wireless networks to access an unprecedented cache of data that has the potential to reshape the industry.



October 21, 2013

Redline Communications Nets FCC, Industry Canada Certifications on RDL-3000 Wireless

The world, particularly these days, runs on bandwidth. At work, at play, at home and beyond, many of the things we enjoy and need every day requires some level of connectivity.



October 15, 2013

Redline Communications selloff ‘an error’ – analyst

Investors reacted negatively to news that Redline Communications Group Inc. CEO Eric Melka was leaving the company.



September 25, 2013

Redline Wins Managed Services Contract

One of Redline Communications Group’s first multimillion dollar oil and gas customers has awarded Redline a managed services contract for network expansion needs for the next five years, according to a news release.



September 22, 2013

Byron Capital analyst Dev Bhangui says Redline is a “Strong Buy”

The selloff in Redline Communications (TSX:RDL) is overdone, says Byron Capital analyst Dev Bhangui.



August 28, 2013

Seeing Without Being Seen — Cancún Improves Public Safety With Redline

The City of Cancún takes this responsibility seriously, and has implemented many safety and emergency services. To further improve public safety, speed police response time and enable better crime analysis, the City decided to install a video surveillance system.



July, 2013

Self-aligning Antennas Improve Nomadic Wide-area Networks

Leigh Chang, Redline’s AVP of product management, explains how the company’s Rapid Alignment System (RAS) overcomes the shortcomings of all other nomadic wide-area network solutions



June 21, 2013

Redline Communications’ acquisition strategy is sound, says Cantor Fitzgerald

Yesterday, Redline announced it entered into two non-binding letters of intent to acquire two unnamed wireless communications businesses, one in North America and the other in the Middle East.



May 24, 2013

Redline Delivering TV White Space with MIMO

Redline Communications has been expanding their abilities to deliver over a wide range of frequencies with their Universal Wireless Transport.



May 22, 2013

Redline Announces White Space Product

Redline Communications today unveiled a White Space system for the 470-698 Mhz band.



May 22, 2013

New radio technology set to use any possible frequencies

There has been greater competition for frequency licenses in the last year or so as providers look to try and stake their claim on the wireless market.



May 21, 2013

Redline Builds White Space Broadband

Redline unveiled its White Space system, the industry’s fastest wireless broadband solution for the 470-698 Mhz band.



May 21, 2013

Redline unveils 27 Mbps TV white space platform

A wireless broadband platform that works on any frequency between 100 MHz and 6 GHz provides the foundation for a new white space (TVWS) cognitive radio system rolled out this week by Toronto-based Redline Communications Group.



May 21, 2013

New platform from Canadian wireless equipment maker

A Canadian maker of wireless backhaul networks for enterprises and telecom operators has created a new hardware and software platform which it says can operate its radios on a wide range of licenced or unlicenced frequencies.



May 20, 2013

Redline Launches Frequency-Hopping Broadband Box

Redline unveiled its Universal Wireless Transport platform (UWT), the industry’s first and only wireless broadband network solution to operate on any frequency between 100 MHz and 6 GHz – in licensed, reserved and unlicensed bands.



May 14, 2013

Ahead of Q1 results, Cantor Fitzgerald says buy Redline Communications

Look for the expansion of Redline Communications’ order backlog to begin to hit its bottom line, says Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Tom Liston.



May 7, 2013

Mexico proves a winning market for Ontario high-tech firm

For many, the risks of doing business in Mexico outweigh the benefits. The immediate impressions can be daunting – labour sweatshops, sprawling slums and security nightmares. For Redline Communications this perception couldn’t be further from reality.

  Financial-Post May 3, 2013

How Redline Communications returned from the brink The drive to digitize remote oil fields has helped a small Canadian tech company come back from the wilderness after being ostracized by investors for some accounting irregularities and an apparent bad choice of technology.

  e-p May 1, 2013

Making rigs wireless Wireless high-speed networks move with oilfield equipment to enable communication and connections regardless of the location or terrain.

  Canadian-Business April 14, 2013

Redline Communications sees growth in wirelessly connected oil fields Redline Communications is aiming to be a pioneer in the “digital oilfield.” The company provides oil and gas producers with a secure, high-capacity wireless communication network to monitor their operations in harsh or remote areas.

  CantechNews March 28, 2013

Cantor Fitzgerald raises target on Redline Communications to $8.25 Redline signed a contract with a large U.S. oil and gas customer valued at 10 percent of its annual revenue. The company was already a client of Redline’s. Redline will build a high-capacity wireless network for communication between wells, drilling rigs and control offices for the company.

  finding-petroleum October 5, 2012

Redline provides wireless communications in Oman More petroleum producers are turning to Redline’s leading-edge wireless networks to makes their digital oilfields possible.

  Investor-Digest October 5, 2012 “Best Buys” from Leading Analysts Bob McWhirter lists Redline as one of his favourite “best buys” and outlines his reasons why.

Arabian-Oil-and-Gas September 12, 2012

Digital Oilfields special: Got Oman Covered Redline’s private wide area network project for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), connecting 5,000 wells in one of the world’s largest enhanced oil recovery operations, has become the model for digital oilfield networks

  CantechNews September 6, 2012

Redline Communications wins contract valued at 10% of its annual revenue Redline signed a contract with a large U.S. oil and gas customer valued at 10 percent of its annual revenue. The company was already a client of Redline’s. Redline will build a high-capacity wireless network for communication between wells, drilling rigs and control offices for the company.

  bnn August 21, 2012

Market Call Robert McWhirter, President at Selective Asset Management lists Redline as a Top Pick and highlights why he likes Redline.

  Oil-Gas-Product-News August 10, 2012

Redline wins $2 million order from new oil and gas customer Redline signed a major U.S. oil and gas operator, who now uses Redline for high-capacity wireless solutions for real-time communication to nomadic oil rigs.

  Financial-Post August 10, 2012

Small caps, big returns: Redline Communications David Barr of PenderFund Capital Management is quoted in a Financial Post article as saying he recently added to his Redline holdings, and that “They are focusing on growing the high-value, high-margin segments, and they’re trimming the underperforming ones.

  embedded August 8, 2012

Redline Communications Offers Rapid Auto Steering Smart Antenna System for Remote Regions Redline is now offering a RAS (Rapid Auto Steering) Smart Antenna System for remote regions. RAS is a wireless broadband networking system that locates and connects to a network base station.

  scandinavian-oil-gas-magazine August 7, 2012

Redline launches Nomadic Virtual Fiber™ System Redline announced its new addition to its product line, RAS – the first wireless broandband networking system that instantly locates, steers toward and connects to a network base station, automatically establishing reliable high speed connectivity to and from roving assets.

  oilfield-Technology July, 2012

Radio Networking Duval Yeager of Redline Communications shows how the use of next generation wireless networks is transforming the digital oilfield.

  Arabian-Oil-and-Gas July 19, 2012

Redline wins $2 million realtime comms deal in US Redline announced they have received and shipped a $2 million order for their rugged industrial wireless system to a major oil and gas company.

  CEOCFO July 9, 2012

Redline Communications Inc. is providing oil & gas companies, telecommunications providers, government and military customers with the infrastructure to create their own private wireless platform for machine-to-machine communications necessary in remote, inhospitable or difficult environments where nothing else works

  oil-gas-news July 9, 2012

NextGen wireless networks increase oil output PDO, a joint venture with Royal Dutch Shell, increases production, cuts costs and extends their office network by standardising on Redline wireless system

  forbes_logo_inthenews June 29, 2012 Redline CEO Eric Melka’s guest post in Forbes The Key to the World’s Energy Future: IP Networks   CantechNews June 18, 2012

Redline Communications thriving under CEO Melka Eric Melka has transformed Redline Communications into a profitable company through a commitment to engineer and deliver reliable communications products that work in any environment, and focusing on four key vertical markets.

  e-p June 1, 2012

Oman increases oil production with wireless solution Redline’s Duval Yeager explains how a Redline Virtual Fiber™ wireless network optimized for M2M communications greatly enhances efficiency, reduces costs, improves safety and reduces the possibility of catastrophic accidents in oilfield operations.

  Arabian-Oil-and-Gas May 29, 2012

ADCO picks Redline for wireless oilfield hardware Redline selected to create wireless infrastructure for major oil field operated by the Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations in the United Arab Emirates.

  e-p May 29, 2012

Redline Communications Will Deliver Integrated Wireless Digital Oil Field To ADCO Alcatel-Lucent is deploying Redline wireless broadband systems, integrating them within ADCO’s major digital oilfield in the UAE. Redline is providing the hardware, software and services required to create a ubiquitous wireless infrastructure.

  e-p May 29, 2012

UAE Oil Company Selects Redline Products for Oil Field System Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations is standardizing it’s digital oilfield network on Redline Communications wireless broadband systems.

  flowControl May 1, 2012

The Future is Now – Next steps for industrial wireless Wireless technology is enabling a new revolution in industrial applications such as fluid handling automation systems. High-speed, low-latency broadband wireless networking is making it possible to advance real-time automation technologies

  Oil-Gas-Petrochem-Equipment April 26, 2012

Radios, Platform Integral to Wireless Well Monitoring Machine-to-machine (M2M) sensors monitored in real-time over a Redline-powered wireless network eliminates the need to have workers drive from well to well to collect critical operating information and make changes to optimize the system.

  Oil-Gas-Product-News April 17, 2012

Wireless Communications Links Oilfields Redline’s RDL-3000 and AN80i broadband radios, powered by SmartLINK software, are the cornerstone of the PDO digital oilfield.

  e-p April 10, 2012

Redline Expands Shell’s Wi-Fi Network In Omani Oil Fields Redline Communications launches a larger, second phase of its wireless project for Shell Oil’s joint venture, Petroleum Development Oman.

  Arabian-Oil-and-Gas April 9, 2012

Redline expanding wireless to 5,000 PDO wells Redline Communications announces the second phase of a major wireless project for Shell Oil joint venture Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) following the successful deployment of a wireless infrastructure network supporting over 2,000 wells.

  Gulf-Oil-Gas April 9, 2012

Shell Joint Venture Oil Field Network Expansion Data and information now flow seamlessly between more than 2000 PDO oil wells and a central control location, providing a full picture of what is happening in the field and how it is impacting the finances of the oil field operator

  Oil-Gas-Financial-Journal April 9, 2012

Redline brings wireless connectivity to Oman Over 2,000 of the 5,000 PDO oil wells in Oman are connected wirelessly using Redline equipment to a centralized site, where they are monitored and managed remotely, M2M in real-time.

  Financial-Post March 29, 2012 Beleaguered Redline Communications back in the black Focus on core products and energy markets leads Redline to profitability.   Financial-Post March 22, 2012

Redline Gains Video Surveillance Contract in Mexico Redline outdoor broadband wireless equipment will provide machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity between cameras located throughout Cancún, Mexico and a central automated monitoring center.

  Wireless-Backhaul-Transition-Networks March 22, 2012

Cancun’s Public Safety System Goes Wireless Redline’s outdoor wireless broadband equipment will link cameras throughout Cancún, Mexico to an automated monitoring center, providing a well hidden and reliable means of protection for tourists.

  Wireless-Backhaul-Transition-Networks March 22, 2012

Cancún Selects Redline Communications Group Inc. To Wirelessly Connect City-Wide Public Safety System Redline Communications announced that it received a contract to expand a wireless video surveillance network throughout the City of Cancún, México.