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Redline Virtual Fiberâ„¢ solutions deliver the most powerful, rugged and secure wireless networks on the planet.


Deploy Redline technology to enable a truly unified outdoor wireless solution across your company, across the spectrum, and across the globe. With simple setup and connection, scalable performance options, and superior physical security and reliability, Redline Virtual Fiberâ„¢ provides flexibility not available with fiber.


RDL-3000 Family of Wireless Systems

At the core of all Redline RDL-3000 family systems is Redline’s Universal Wireless Transport™ (UWT™), the first and only wireless outdoor networking solution capable of operation on any frequency between 100 MHz and 6 GHz including licensed, reserved and unlicensed bands.


UWTâ„¢ platform technology extends your network reach over-the-air, and powers the broadest range of wireless applications in the most rugged locations and extreme environments.

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Ellipse Base Station red-arrow 



 The Ellipse fixed wireless base station projects a secure high speed digital canopy that links your core network to your remote networks, people and devices. The Ellipse supports any mix of Redline UWTâ„¢ wireless terminals/subscribers in a wireless sector. 


Edge Extended Range Terminal red-arrow



 The Edge fixed wireless terminal provides extra versatility through extended frequency ranges and antenna selection to accommodate challenging site conditions or extended ranges. 


eLTE-MT Industrial Terminal red-arrow



The extremely rugged eLTE-MT fixed wireless terminal provides safe and reliable operation in the rugged and diverse challenges of industrial environments such as oil & gas platforms and processing facilities. 


RAS-Elite red-arrow



 The RAS Nomadic Platform provides reliable high speed network connectivity directly to moveable equipment and land vehicles. Touchless setup and self-aligning antenna ensure you are online in minutes from anywhere within the wireless network coverage area.


Enterprise Commercial Subscriber red-arrow



The Enterprise fixed wireless subscriber is ideal for providing premium business access to enterprises and small business customers, interconnecting banks, schools and hospitals, and backhauling/off-loading 3G and 4G LTE cellular networks.


High Capacity Backhaul

Redline provides the best available solutions for rugged high capacity systems in both licensed and unlicensed bands. Depend on Redline’s reliable solutions to connect to remote high data-density industrial sites, interconnect remote offices and worksites, offload traffic from 3G and 4G LTE networks, and more.


RDL-2000 System red-arrow



The RDL-2000 versatile high-capacity (270 Mbps) wireless backhaul system features simple setup, high noise rejection capabilities, and links up to 50 km.


RDL-5000 System red-arrow



The RDL-5000 premium very-high capacity (800 Mbps) wireless backhaul system features extremely low latency, redundancy options, and licensed band operation from 6 to 38 GHz. 


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