Governments worldwide use Redline’s innovative broadband wireless systems as the smart alternative to fiber when extending private networks to areas where fiber installation costs are prohibitive or where no rights-of-way exist. With superior physical security, simple setup, rock-solid reliability, and scalable performance options, Redline broadband wireless systems with Virtual Fiber™ technology create secure, affordable communications that can be deployed quickly to create private networks for government applications.


Powerful Network Performance

Provide video, voice and data M2M connectivity to increase public safety, improve services and spur economic development for municipalities, utilities, police, hospitals, and schools with Redline’s industry leading capacity and long range.


Stringent Security

Redline systems equipped with SecureLINK software deliver AES-256, X.509 authentication and FIPS 140-2 certification. Redline is the only broadband wireless company that meets the stringent security required by the federal government and the military.


Simplified Logistics

Network design and logistics are simplified with Redline’s software-defined wireless systems. Each system is software-keyed for point-to-point (PTP) or point-to-multipoint (PMP), high or ultra-high throughput performance, and to add specialized applications such as video surveillance to an existing system.


Easily deploy broadband wireless where and when you need with Redline’s small size, light weight, non-line-of-sight (NLOS) operation and low power consumption. Easily deploy broadband wireless where and when you need with Redline’s small size, light weight, non-line-of-sight (NLOS) operation and low power consumption. Power consumption is so low the system can be powered over the Ethernet cable (PoE) using solar, wind or battery sources, saving hundreds of dollars on installation costs.


Reliable Communications in Tough Environments

Uninterrupted communication is assured even over difficult topographies and in toughest urban and rural environments with Redline’s ruggedized, hardened, marine-ready design and industry leading 29 year Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).


Reduce IT Costs

Create private networks to gain control over your network applications, enhance your security and eliminate leased line costs using Redline’s innovative wireless systems, equipped with SecureLINK Software.


Redline’s powerful wireless systems, common PTP and PMP platform and high reliability combine with over-the-air (OTA) software updates to deliver the industry’s lowest lifetime cost. There is no need to replace hardware as your needs change.


This is why Redline is trusted by more than 150,000 customers in 130 countries.

Feature Benefit
Highest Throughput: up to 100 Mbps Redline delivers up to two times more throughput than the competition, allowing you to support more applications and more users with fewer wireless systems and room to grow.
Lowest Latency:
1 msec typical
Applications work the same as they do on wired networks. Redline solutions eliminate costly and time-consuming configuration management.
Longest Reach: over 120 km You can privatize more of your network to maximize operating cost savings.
Software Configured Software-keyed— one platform for PTP and PMP applications — future upgrades over-the-air (OTA) to all portions of your network without costly hardware replacement.
Stringent Security Redline is the only broadband wireless system provider certified to FIPS 140-2. Your data and your network are secure from eavesdropping and malicious attacks.
VLAN, VPN and Multicast You can conserve valuable bandwidth to maximize the number of applications and users, with fewer wireless systems, thus minimizing costs.
QoS Controls Quality of Service (QoS) controls let you differentiate services to meet Service Level Agreement (SLA) commitments, lower costs and increase revenues.
Support for VLAN Tagging and Q-in-Q VLAN VLAN tagging and Q-in-Q VLAN let your customers extend their VLANs without having to buy and manage more routers.
NLOS NLOS wireless technology eases deployment, reducing the need for high tower locations.
Low Power Design Save hundreds of dollars on installation costs with Redline’s low power consumption, which enables powering over the Ethernet cables (PoE) by such sources as Photo Voltaic Solar power.
IP67-Certified Redline’s IP67-certified wireless systems allow installation in the toughest environments.
Field-Proven Reliability A proven field MTBF of 29 years and a documented failure rate of 0.3% ensure maximum uptime.
Simplified Logistics Small, lightweight, NLOS wireless systems ease installation and simplify logistics.
Software Options Redline’s software supports other service, such as video surveillance and data acquisition (SCADA or AMI), without costly hardware replacement.
Speed Keys Pay only for the bandwidth you need today and purchase more in the future without replacing hardware.

Case Studies

Cities and states across Mexico are dramatically improving public safety (PDF)


City of Avondale, Reliable Machine-to-Machine communications for Public Safety Network (PDF)


City of Canc?n, México gets most coverage for the lowest cost (PDF)


City of Santiago de Querétaro, México receives reliable operation and improved public safety (PDF)


Utah Department of Transportation, Traffic Operations Center – Video Surveillance (PDF)


Utah Department of Transportation, Traffic Operations Center – Sensors (PDF)

Learn More

Public Safety Brochure(PDF)

Virtual Fiber™

Success Spotlight

Improved Safety and Reduce Congestion
The Utah Department of Transportation improved safety and reduced traffic congestion with Redline Virtual Fiber in an M2M application that connects closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, variable message signs and ramp sensors. Redline was selected because of its capacity, performance and ability to cover the area quickly and at much less cost than laying miles of fiber.

Improved Security
Municipalities and states in Mexico have successfully improved security for citizens and tourists by installing a wireless video surveillance network throughout the city with Redline’s rugged broadband wireless products equipped with VideoLINK software. Redline’s products were chosen because their high capacity and long range enable more high-resolution video cameras to be reliably connected.

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