Increase public safety, improve services and spur economic development with Redline broadband wireless systems designed to meet the needs of municipalities, utilities, police, hospitals, and schools. 


Broadband Wireless for Government


Local and state governments are increasingly looking to technology to satisfy the demand for more public services. They need to extend and enhance services across their communities and seek innovative solutions for their M2M applications.


Governments worldwide use Virtual Fiber™, Redline’s next generation broadband wireless technology, to:


Case Studies

Cities and states across Mexico are dramatically improving public safety (PDF)


City of Avondale, Reliable Machine-to-Machine communications for Public Safety Network (PDF)


City of Canc?n, México gets most coverage for the lowest cost (PDF)


City of Santiago de Querétaro, México receives reliable operation and improved public safety (PDF)


Utah Department of Transportation, Traffic Operations Center – Video Surveillance (PDF)


Utah Department of Transportation, Traffic Operations Center – Sensors (PDF)


Improve Public Security
Improve public safety and protect employees, property and vital assets.


Create Reliable Networks
Connect campuses, schools, and hospital facilities to distribute applications or share data. 

Connect Utilities Operations
Reduce costs and ensure reliable delivery of sewer, water, and energy services.

Bridge the Digital Divide
Provide Internet access to schools and communities to improve education and economic prospects. 



Redline’s Virtual Fiberâ„¢ technology is software manageable and upgradable to easily handle a variety of M2M applications- from Data Acquisition to Video Surveillance.  

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Wireless Applications for Government

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Public Safety Brochure(PDF)

Virtual Fiberâ„¢

Success Spotlight

Improved Safety and Reduce Congestion
The Utah Department of Transportation improved safety and reduced traffic congestion with Redline Virtual Fiber in an M2M application that connects closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, variable message signs and ramp sensors. Redline was selected because of its capacity, performance and ability to cover the area quickly and at much less cost than laying miles of fiber.


Improved Security
Municipalities and states in Mexico have successfully improved security for citizens and tourists by installing a wireless video surveillance network throughout the city with Redline’s rugged broadband wireless products equipped with VideoLINK software. Redline’s products were chosen because their high capacity and long range enable more high-resolution video cameras to be reliably connected.


Connect Remote Offices | Backhaul 


Connect remote offices or locations, and reduce the cost of delivering services throughout the community with Redline Virtual Fiberâ„¢ technology. Redline’s industry leading capacity, bandwidth, and security features combine to deliver high-speed, reliable wireless connectivity to locations where traditional fiber installation is cost prohibitive or simply not feasible. 

Improve Utilities | Data Acquisition


Reduce costs and ensure reliable delivery of sewer, water, and energy services using Redline’s rugged wireless broadband products and robust SmartLINK software for utility M2M applications. Redline offers industry leading capacity, range, and real-time performance to extend central SCADA / AMI systems to remote Smart Grids, water filtration and sewer treatment plants.Connect offshore platforms and provide ship-to-shore broadband M2M communications to network  operation centers with Redline’s advanced wireless technology that minimizes the effects of fading and reflections over  water and allows the use of smaller antennas for less wind load.  

Increase Public Safety and Security | Video Surveillance 


Police and fire services and private security companies are using Redline’s wireless video surveillance solutions to improve public safety and protect employees, property and vital assets. Cover more area with more high-resolution video surveillance cameras and get the highest quality video with Redline’s discreet broadband wireless products and powerful VideoLINK software. 

Enhance Health Care | Private Networks


Improve health care services and eliminate monthly leased line costs using Redline’s private network solution to connect campuses and hospital facilities and distribute applications or share data.Speed diagnosis by sharing high resolution medical images and other diagnostic data with Redline’s industry leading bandwidth and low latency. 

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Redline is providing oil & gas companies, telecommunications providers, government and military customers.





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